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Ahh! Our Avenger’s video hit 4 million views!

1 week ago
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These have to be the most disturbing toys ever….

3 weeks ago
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Introducing NERDCRAFT!! Check out the Spiderman bra I made!! #SpideyBoobs

If you have any suggestions for my Nerdcraft videos, let me know. They can be anything you want to see me make. Can be cosplay related or more bra tutorials or pretty much anything! :)

2 months ago
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Donkey Kong Dance Day!!

4 months ago
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It’s a Pokemon Medley!

5 months ago
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Today i cosplay as a fairy, and create “Fairies In A Jar!” 
I used to make these jars when I was a little girl. I hope you enjoy my video!

1 week ago
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Who knew the words to Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” could be sung to Pharrel’s "Happy" ? lol

1 month ago
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Talk Nerdy to Me!!!

3 months ago
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Its time for some Pokemon Pizza

4 months ago
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